Get to Know Emily


Let me re-introduce myself. Again. (Again.)

Awe, newborn Vienna! Isn’t she the most precious?

My name is Emily. I am consistently inconsistent. I’m not bragging about this, but neither am I ashamed. Consistency is a goal of mine, like it is a goal of mine to travel the whole world and run a marathon just to say that I can. All positive aspirations, but perhaps not the most realistic in this season of my life.

I say this because it is also a goal of mine to write and to publish. I proclaim this over and over, and then I find other things to occupy my time – like finishing my undergraduate degree or pushing out baby number five. I am starting to believe, however, that I do indeed possess the soul of a writer, and just maybe the words in me do need to find their way into the world somehow.

Two-month-old toothless grin!
Two-month-old toothless grin!

Donald Miller suggests that to simplify one’s life, it helps to identify a personal mission statement.

This is mine: “It is my purpose and passion to connect others with truth.” 

I’ve experienced the devastation of deceit – in how I viewed myself, others, and God. I’ve also experienced the life-transforming freedom that comes from discovering truth in those same areas. Most importantly, I have fallen in love with the person of truth, Himself, and He is constantly leading me on a journey of discovery and surrender.

So, in whatever way I can – through writing or leading worship or mentoring or parenting or being a friend, I want to share and coach and guide and demonstrate and discover together the freedom that real truth has to offer.

I think that everything God has engineered in my life has been intentionally crafted for this purpose:

I am a 35-year-old mother of five kids, ranging in age from infant to 15 years old. I have a child with specialized needs – ADHD, Anxiety, and Tourette’s Syndrome. I have my own specialized needs – I am a survivor of childhood abuse, which resulted in PTSD, Depression/Anxiety, Dissociative Disorders, and all kind of other things. I got pregnant out of wedlock, married my high school sweetheart, and am nearly 15 years into a marriage that has survived some pretty incredible things. I’ve been dirt poor and crazy blessed, made a million mistakes and had some pretty great victories. I’m a worship leader and have a degree in Christian Ministry, and I love Jesus with all of my heart. I have a grace-filled approach to Christianity, a fairly ‘natural’ approach to parenting/our lifestyle, and a no-compromise approach to my marriage. I tend toward the black and white but strive to live in the “messy middle.” And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

(Try to sum your whole life up in a couple of sentences! I’ll bet you’ve got a pretty incredible story, too!)

So, if I am going to (inconsistently) write and publish, I want it to be in the interest of helping connect others with truth.

I don’t want my writing to be the type of in-your-face, controversial, “you’re doing it wrong” ideas of “truth” found all over the interwebs these days. I want my writing to be a collaborative journey of discovery – a “this is what I’m learning,” “isn’t it so hilarious how I messed this up?,” “here’s some food for thought” kind of connection to truth.

I hope that any who stumble across this blog (or find it shamelessly promoted on Facebook) will see this thread through any post they read. And I hope you find yourself encouraged.

Ok. That’s me. Thanks for reading. 🙂

Last year's family photo. Typical.
Last year’s family photo. Typical.


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