Get to Know Emily

I am a hoarder.

A word hoarder, I mean.

I love books, I love journals, I love writing and reading and listening to words. I love the Word of God, I love songwriting and really good songwriters, I love deep, meaningful conversations and the way that words can literally change the world. And I was just recently introduced to podcasts… where I have been?!

I’m also a bit obsessed with truth.

For decades I was not allowed to speak the truth about what was happening to me behind closed doors. I carry scars on my body, mind, and soul from those many years of abuse. My mind was so clouded by confusion and lies that I tried to take my life over and over again, genuinely believing the world would be better off without me in it.

Thankfully, Truth found me.  And He set me free.

Encountering the true and living God didn’t fix everything instantaneously, but He did set me on the right course. And now I can’t help but speak the truth every opportunity I get. Whether it’s in leading worship at my church, writing a blog post, parenting my five kids, or speaking life to someone over a cup of coffee, the truth must come out of me.

Not at all in a “I told you so” or “you’re doing it wrong” sort of way! (That’s not truth, that’s just rude.) But in a peace-bringing, utterly loving, completely liberating way that only comes from the Holy Spirit (and not me).

So, yeah!

My husband and I were high school sweethearts and have five kids. He is an Associate Worship Pastor at our local church, as well as a Project Manager for a tech company. I’ve been primarily a stay-at-home mom, but have recently launched an Etsy shop called Bracelets for the Balkans to help fund our family’s calling to serve in the Balkan Nations.

When I’m not doing all the things, you’ll probably find me in my bed, because it is my favorite place on earth.

I hope you’ll connect with me on social media, because I’d honestly love to get to know you.


Thanks again for stopping by! 🙂



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