Trauma and Dissociation Skills Group


The Trauma and Dissociation Skills Group is a once-weekly, 8-week group for qualifying individuals in the Omaha metro area who have been previously diagnosed with PTSD and/or a Dissociative Disorder. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and practice skills focused on making life and relationships more manageable between individual therapy sessions.

This is a peer-facilitated group led by me, Emily Wagoner, with in-group oversight provided by an experienced, licensed professional. (The supervising therapist may change from one 8-week group to the next, depending on availability and location.)


This is not intended to be a psychotherapy process group, a diagnostic tool, or a replacement for individual therapy. To that end we ask that each member be actively engaged in individual therapy while attending the group. Though there are guidelines in place to mitigate overwhelming or overtly triggering topics of conversation, things will inevitably arise that will require additional outpatient attention.

Those interested in this group must be willing and able to agree and abide by Group Guidelines and Interpersonal Guidelines outlined by the facilitator. (These can be emailed to the referring therapist before enrolling in the group.)

If a group member is unable or unwilling to agree and abide by these guidelines, he or she will be asked to refrain from group attendance until further individual therapy can address the underlying issue.


I have spent the last 20 years learning and applying skills to help manage my own PTSD and Dissociative symptoms. I have been fortunate to receive care from nationally renowned psychiatrists in the field of Trauma and Dissociation, however, I know this is not an option for many survivors.

My goal is to bring these tried-and-true skills to my fellow survivors in an outpatient and much more affordable setting. From stabilization to processing and integration of traumatic material, therapists have plenty to cover in individual sessions. I hope to support and supplement therapists by offering skills that will help survivors take ownership of their own symptoms, especially between sessions.


Day/Time and Location will vary depending on the needs of each group. However, each 8-week group’s time and location will remain consistent once they have been established.


Clinicians may refer clients by emailing, or by visiting my Contact page. I will email you back with further details including the Group and Interpersonal Guidelines for you to discuss with your client. Curriculum outline is available upon request.

Survivors – talk this over with your therapist and have them email the address above. I really can’t wait to meet you!