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Horse Faces and Updates

So a horse walks into a bar, and the bartender looks up and says, "Hey! Why the long face?" Badump. Chhhhhhiiiiiing. Sorry. I legitimately could not think of any other way to start this post. Ha! It's mid-August! Back to school time, back to routine, back to school pick-up lanes, back to multiple colors of… Continue reading Horse Faces and Updates

Scriptural Perspectives

Breaking Light

Hey friends! This week, I had the amazing honor of being interviewed by my friend and fellow blogger, Wendy (Widow's Manna).  Wendy has a beautiful heart and a powerful testimony of God's goodness in suffering. She and Anna (The Joy of the Spirit Within) have been working on a series called Breaking Light, which highlights… Continue reading Breaking Light

Scriptural Perspectives

My Actual Life

Today is a different kind of post. It's a book review! I love words. I love to write words, and I love to read words. Recently, I read some pretty terrific words, so I thought I'd share with you! Based upon the recommendation of a good friend, I read the book, Loving My Actual Life: An… Continue reading My Actual Life

World Travel

I left (part of) my heart in Novi Sad…

What if you knew with absolute certainty that a divine voice had spoken to you? What if that voice gave you a glimpse into a possible future? What if you saw a possibility that had never crossed your mind before, but the prospect was overwhelmingly good and exciting? What if, logically, it seemed impossible, but you… Continue reading I left (part of) my heart in Novi Sad…