Our Global Journeys!

Kurt and I are currently worship leaders at Lifegate Church, here in Omaha, NE. 

Lifegate is a multi-campus movement, and while Kurt is the Saturday Night Worship Pastor at our West Dodge location,  we have had the amazing opportunity to serve at all three of our Omaha campuses on different occasions.

Lifegate also has two campuses in Serbia (one in Novi Sad and one in Belgrade) with the vision of ten campuses eventually serving the Balkan region.

In the summer of 2015, Kurt had the opportunity to visit Lifegate Novi Sad and play for a Lifegate Open Days festival. It was a life-transforming experience for him.  In the summer of 2016, we were invited to return for the festival and to put on a youth Rock and Roll Camp for teenagers in Novi Sad. Then, in January 2017, Kurt and I returned to help with a youth Winter Retreat for the Lifegate students.

Here is a brief video sharing our experiences and what we are doing next!

We have continued to listen to God’s voice, and He is opening amazing doors right before our eyes. Kurt and I are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that we (and our family) have a role to play in ministering God’s heart to the people of the Balkans.


Currently, we are planning to take our WHOLE FAMILY (Kurt, myself, and our 5 kids) to Serbia for 6 weeks this summer (2017).  We will leave at the end of May and return in mid-July.

  1. We will support the faithful, hardworking teams at Lifegate Novi Sad and Lifegate Belgrade.
  2. We will continue to sow into the youth and help expand that ministry in Novi Sad. (Our older three will be instrumental in this as well.)
  3. We will help to lead worship for weekend services and support the worship expression in Lifegates Novi Sad and Belgrade.
  4. We will visit Skopje, Macedonia, make connections, and pray for that area.
  5. We will help with the annual Lifegate Open Days music festival.
  6. We (including our older kids) will help with the 2nd Annual Rock and Roll Music Camp in Novi Sad.
  7. We will do whatever else we are asked with happy hearts! 🙂

We are currently raising support for airline tickets, basic living expenses (in Serbia), and camp resources. We would be so grateful if you would consider partnering with us in prayer and/or financially. Your investment will yield real, tangible results, and we cannot wait to share with you all God is doing!

I’ve opened an Etsy shop, where 100% of proceeds go to support our journey! If you love amazing bracelets, this is the shop for you. 😉



Or, to support the Wagoner Family as we invest in the people of Serbia, Macedonia, and beyond, please visit our link at my.discoverlifegate.comThese are tax-deductible donations.

Click Giving

Click Global Journeys

Click Serbia/Wagoners



Thank you so much for partnering with us!

We love you!

The Wagoner Family


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