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As we left the rolling mountains surrounding Skopje in the distance, I closed my eyes and tried to think of words to summarize these past few days.  I pondered, prayed, and rested, pondered and rested some more.

These mental, emotional, and spiritual leaps are exhausting. And, at the same time, witnessing the finger of God is simply breathtaking.


I’m learning so much…

About how much I don’t know.

About how to remain malleable in a culture and not expect the world to conform to my comforts and expectations.

About how and when to use God’s gifts within the context He has given me.

About what it means to leave an impression without leaving a wound.

About complete and total dependence on God in every interaction, every task, every breath.

About grace, forgiveness and trust.

About confidence in His call, His purposes, and His plans.


It’s almost funny – just as we were beginning to feel at home in Novi Sad, we traveled to a new country with a new language, currency, and culture; new faces to meet and places to see.

But Skopje is such a charmer.




From the bustling streets and the open market, to the top of a mountain and the futbal stadium, Skopje is alive and vibrant and beautiful.


We met some amazing people with incredible stories and felt the presence of God Himself as we gathered for worship. They invited Kurt and me to sing a couple of songs and talk about our trip, so that was a huge honor.

The boys came with us, and they ended up really enjoying themselves. It was great having them there. Amber stayed home (in Novi Sad) and took care of the girls. We appreciate her so much for all of her help these weeks.

We spent time with friends, ate wonderful food, and laughed a ton, but beneath it all was an undercurrent of prayer and listening. And I can say that I really believe we saw a glimpse of His purposes there.

All in all, God just spoke to our hearts, reaffirming His call on our lives and asking us to trust Him when the details seem overwhelming. We saw Him so clearly in the lives of the people we met – in faithful Christians following Him in crazy situations. Ruthless trust. Radical faith.

It was humbling to say the least.

Oh Great God, don’t ever let me get too comfortable. Don’t let me be content to serve myself. There is so much You are wanting to do in this world. Let me be Your hands and feet. Let my life be used for Your glory. You are worth every fiber of my being. You deserve it all.

Thanks for journeying with us! If you’re just joining this story, you can begin here.

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