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I Want My Montage

I'm a child of the 80s, so I was conditioned by Hollywood to expect radical, miraculous, four-minute transformations set to super hype music.  You know... training montages! Rocky IV, The Karate Kid, Bloodsport... the heroes all start out with zero skill whatsoever and, during the course of a very motivating song, they become masters of their own… Continue reading I Want My Montage

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I left (part of) my heart in Novi Sad…

What if you knew with absolute certainty that a divine voice had spoken to you? What if that voice gave you a glimpse into a possible future? What if you saw a possibility that had never crossed your mind before, but the prospect was overwhelmingly good and exciting? What if, logically, it seemed impossible, but you… Continue reading I left (part of) my heart in Novi Sad…

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Serbia Update!

Oh man! My brain has been full-to-overflowing with summertime kiddos and prepping for this trip! If you were following our 5in5, we did finish! We went to a family reunion in Iowa, so our Thursday and Friday night submissions were recorded in the dark. I'd love to re-record them and then post them here! (Though Day… Continue reading Serbia Update!

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Send Me!

My heart is absolutely bursting! Ok, you know how I wrote about how God Gives Scary Dreams? I've got one coming true this summer, and I'm absolutely pee-my-pants terrified-excited bout it. When I was little, I dreamed of becoming a medical missionary in Africa. I imagined myself in a khaki button-up with matching shorts, boots,… Continue reading Send Me!