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Are you ready for this?

I finished my first eBook! I’m taking the leap. I’m hitting publish.

The Called Life Cover

This is a little 60 page eBook that shows you a piece of my heart and the perspectives that have helped me make sense of my life.

How we choose to frame our circumstances determines how we cope with them. We have all heard adages like “A setback is a setup for a comeback,” or “For every door that closes another window opens”… These are phrases that help us reframe difficult situations and give us hope.

The Called Life is a biblical framework that has helped me choose life when I would have otherwise chosen death. It has brought me peace instead of panic, purpose instead of aimlessness, promise instead of hopelessness, and passion instead of emptiness. 

I hope you’ll find encouragement as you read the stories and see a glimpse into my heart.

So, How do you download it?

Super simple! Sign up for my Newsletter!

You may have already signed up to follow this blog via email, and that’s awesome! My Newsletter will be a separate bimonthly publication with extra thoughts, links, updates, etc. I promise not to flood your inbox. Honestly, bimonthly is pretty ambitious for this inconsistent mama of 5. 😉

I know, I’m sometimes overwhelmed by sites that ask for my email address, but this was the best way for me to distribute a large PDF file. I hope you’ll find it well worth your effort!

How do you sign up for the Newsletter?

2 ways! You can click on the banner on each page of my website – – to walk through the process. If you are on a mobile device, scroll all the way to the bottom below the comments to see the banner!

Newsletter Blog

Or, you can go directly to my Facebook page and click on the Newsletter tab.

*Update!* The Newsletter tab won’t show up on Facebook mobile! Just use the link on this blog post alllllll the way at the bottom of the page!

Newsletter Facebook

Once you confirm your subscription, you’ll receive a link to the book! You can either download the PDF to your computer/mobile device and read it through a PDF reader or through eBooks, or you can read it online on either device!

I’m so excited!

And I’m overflowing with ideas… there is so much more to come! 🙂

Thanks for being such an amazing community of friends and family.

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