Marriage and Motherhood, Mental Health and Healing

The Tomato in the Room

Hey. Friends. Can we make a little pact with one another? Can we agree not to be emotionally bullied by scary headlines? I mean, really. I pulled Facebook up on my phone this morning and had full blown anxiety symptoms within 5 minutes. I cannot be the only one who experiences this. I feel like… Continue reading The Tomato in the Room

Marriage and Motherhood

To My Best Friend on Her Birthday…

The older I get the more I realize how rare... These lifetime friendships. And even more rare, that we live nearby one another - that our babies are besties, too. Whether they like it or not. 😉 And while it's easy to romanticize, we know that these relationships are hard-won. Fought over the battlegrounds of… Continue reading To My Best Friend on Her Birthday…

Marriage and Motherhood


Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Can we just pause for a moment and talk about how my son just went to his FRESHMAN HOMECOMING? My firstborn son... the one who named me "mommy" when I was barely 20 years old - not old enough to legally purchase alcohol, but legally allowed to bring home a little… Continue reading Freshman HOMECOMING.

Grief and Suffering

Better to Have Loved and Lost?

This post isn't coming out the way I want it to. My words won't work. My eyes ache from the tears. No one near to me has died (thank God), but I'm grieving just the same. Some people who mean a lot to me are no longer going to be in my life the same… Continue reading Better to Have Loved and Lost?